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Only Days to go for worldwide album release!!!

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Purpendiculars Concept Album tHis is the tHing#1 will be released in just a few Days on Borila Rekords/HART Distribution Worldwide.

The Album was Produced by : Robby Thomas Walsh & Frank Panê.

Recorded at RED Studios Germany Jens Haag.

Label : Borila Rekords Germany/ HART DistributionBorila logohart-logo

+++ Get your copy Now!!!+++BORILA COVER PD TITT

Album Release Party will be in Vitora Spain on 16th of October 2015!

Video for ‘Somebody Done it’ Featuring Ian Paice to be Filmed on Location Santandar Spain – Thanks to Robert Mills for the Infos.

The Band will also Release an Official Making of Video/EPK soon.

Here is a list of Shops & Countries already On general Sale!









EUROPEAN tHis is the tHing#1 TOUR 2015/16 also featuring IAN PAICE OF DEEP PURPLE)
Check Tour Dates for more Informations!


With the Release of tHis is the tHing#1 Album Worldwide on the 16th of October (Borila Rekords)& HART Distribution, The Purpendicular Management are delighted to announce the Band will Tour again with the Legendary IAN PAICE OF DEEP PURPLE in March 2016.
This is Ians Sixth Time to Tour with Purpendicular stating -
‘I love to play with my Friends in Purpendicular, They are a great Band’

All Dates, Tour Infos, and details will be Officially released on the Third of December after DEEP PURPLES European Tour 2015.
Watch this space for more Infos!

ian paice film 6

New Official Video for ‘Crazy’ from the New Album! out now!!!

Borila Rekords Germany have Released the official Video for the Track ‘Crazy’ taken from the New Album tHis is the tHing#1
To be Released Worldwide on the 16th of October 2015!

Extracts from this Video were recorded in Barcelona Spain, Enschede Holland, Berlin Germany, Blagoevgrad Bulgaria…
Thank you to Purpendiculars amazing Fans all over the World.. this is just for you!

Purpendicular Austrian Review in X-Act Music Magazine!

x-act music mag

Purpendicular recieved a great review from the Bands last Austrian Date in August 21st 2015…
X-Act – Music Magazine

Purpendicular – Wilhering CultureClub, Austria 21.08.2015: Even if you haven’t heard of this band before, the name leaves you with no doubt as to what to expect from them. To call this Irish/German/Austrian/Italian/Hungarian band a cover band would be doing them a great disservice. They don’t cover the songs, they own them. Close your eyes and it really could be Deep Purple. Even better I fact, as Ian Gillan can’t get those big high notes in „Child In Time“ anymore. Robby can and spot on, with a very convincing Coverdale voice on „Mistreated“. The extremely personable guitarist Frank Pané is definitely of the Steve Morse mould, and to say he is good would be an understatement. He has the styles nailed, but it’s nicely infused with his own playing, rock solid rhythm and blistering speed licks, but still melodic and full of feeling. Bass and drums keeping the flow and drive exactly how it should be, and the Hammond organ the cherry on the cake. They embody the sound and energy of the original Deep Purple, members of which even play on tour and record with them. They are that good
The set was an interesting mixture of old and new Purple songs, „Perfect Strangers“, and a handful of original tunes, which, to be honest are so good they could easily be have been penned by Gillan and Blackmore. „Speed King“, „Highway Star“, and of course that song about a hotel fire were played with energy, enthusiasm and feeling. You can see they love what they are doing. So many bands come over as miserable and arrogant on stage. Not Purpendicular, they are having fun and it spills into the audience. Admittedly this small audience was a little cool at first but warmed up towards the end – despite the singer’s occasional “jokes” (ok, they got funnier after a few beers …) , but the band kept on smashing out brilliant fun music all evening. Stuck in the middle of a major European tour (plus some dates in South Africa) of nearly 50 shows from Denmark to Portugal, at venues of thousands on the back of a new major recording deal and imminent CD release, they slipped in here to an audience of just a hundred or so near their “home” town of Wels in Austria. They look a little like their role-models, enough to set the scene, but they are not clones, neither visually nor musically. Let’s say more like DP’s younger brothers. If you can’t afford to see Deep Purple, this band is the next best thing – as I said before, perhaps even better. If they’re in your area and you even vaguely like classic rock, don’t miss them. You will have a great time!
Tim Challenger X-Act Music Magazine!

Here is the original Link:



+++tHis is the tHing#1 World wide release 16th October 2015!+++

Purpendicular are delighted to announce the reRelease of tHis is the tHing#1 WORLDWIDE on BORILA REKORDS Germany & HART Distribution.
The release will be on the 16th of October when the Band will perform in Vitoria Spain!
Purpendicular Signed a 5 Year Deal that will include the follow up to tHis is the tHing#1 and further Albums….
The Band look forward to working new Partners Borila Rekords/ HART, and to a successful Future together!
This World Wide Release will see Guest Stars such as IAN PAICE & ROGER GLOVER of DEEP PURPLE and many more….
Borila logohart-logo
BORILA REKORDS have made this announcement,

We are proud to annouce the new Studio Album of PURPENDICULAR:
“This is the thing” for the worldwide Release@
16.10.2015 on Borila Rekords/Hárt Distribution!!!BORILA COVER PD TITT

The Band will make some comments very soon on this fantastic News!!!!

Purpendiculars European Tour 2015 continues in some great cities! Plus Album News!

Gijon Harbour

Summer has been fairly quiet for Purpendicular but the tHis is the tHing#1 European Tour 2015 continues on Thursday 6th of August with the Band Headlining the Grolsch Festival Summer Rocks in Enschede Holland.

The Band will then Tour in some Great Locations and Cities in Europe starting in Austria near Linz,Then on to Denmark Aalborg

After that Purpendicular will visit Holland again for 3 Dates, one of them Dates in the City of Eindhoven,
eindhoven city

Four German Dates in early October are penned in, before the Band embark on their Third Spanish Tour,Purpendicular will Fly out to Spain taking in Cities such as Pamplona,

Then the beautiful City of Vitoria along the Northern part of Spain,

Moving on to Santandar, which is also located on Beaches,

The Band will conclude it’s Spanish Tour 2015 in Gijon! Gijon boasts an amazing Harbour.
Gijon Harbour

To round off the Year, further Dates will commence in Germany, Holland, Belgium and quite possibly Slovakia again, Please keep an update on our Tour Dates section.

Very exciting Album News will be announced later This Month (August) for tHis is the tHing#1…Stay Tuned in for this!!!, Plus other Big News of Events also to be announced.
The Band would also like to Thank all the guys in Deep Purple for their help and kind co operation regarding the Album release, not to mention Neil Murrays (ex Black Sabbath, Whitesnake) great help in clearing some issues for Purpendicular.
Meanwhile the Band will be adding a few more Tracks from the New Album tHis is the tHing#1 in the Live Show….
Don’t miss it, as 2015 and 2016 are going to be very busy!!!
new purpendicular

tHis is the thing#1 Purpendicular, New album reviews have started! Magazines & Fans!

classic rock

tHis is the tHing Reviews – Purpendicular Album!
album COVER

Purpendicular – tHis is the tHing #1
11 March 2015 at 22:20 Reviewed by Monika Schwarz of the Official IAN GILLAN Pages.
gillans official

Purpendicular is a band that started basically out as a Deep Purple tribute band. Which is also how I got to see them originally, when they were doing a gig with Ian Paice on the drums. That was in 2008, a great concert and a wonderful night, and I was very impressed with their skills.
So, I was pleased and thrilled, when they eventually announced their first album with their own songs. It should take again a long time for it to be finished and released, but finally, so many years, some changes in line-up – and a number of concerts I should have seen – later, I could hear the first four songs from said album live.
Those four songs did fit very well in between so many Purple classics, so my expectations for the entire album were quite high.
Knowing that all the four instrumentalists from Deep Purple had contributed to the album, I had fun listening for the first time without reading any informations, but trying to figure out who was playing on which song. To be honest, I was most of the time wrong – which should give you some indication how good this album is!
The album starts with a big bang (so to say, a gong being hit). Great, swinging rhythm (ok, Ian Paice on the drums…), but also an enormously catchy chorus, and a guitar solo that might come from Steve Morse himself (which it doesn’t). Listen to this track twice, and it will stay with you for the rest of the day.
The same goes for the next two tracks. Very rhythm-emphasised and with quite ‘dirty’ vocals from Robby Walsh. ‘Only to laugh at’ reminds vaguely of Deep Purple’s ‘Sail Away’, which is by no means a bad thing. I have seen an audience do some serious headbanging to these songs, even when hearing them only for the first time.
‘Rain is gone’ is a bit less straightforward, with a more intricate rhythm, an almost oriental feeling about it, and a slide solo to boot. Roger Glover on bass.
‘If it’s possible’ is the first song with a bit of a more laid-back approach. Lovely piano work by Christoph Kögler, and Robby singing in a higher register.
‘Off my trolley’ starts with a trademark Hammond chord of Don Airey and sports a typical Steve Morse solo. This song will make all Deep Purple aficionados happy, but is probably the least ‘Purpendicular-ish’ one.
‘Broken Bones’ is again mid-tempo, with all the qualities of a slow burner.
‘Crazy’ was the fourth song they played live, and without any doubt rightfully chosen. Serious foot-tapping and/or head-nodding on my side.
‘Keep me away’ is probably the song where Robby shines most. Vocals that are intriguingly ‘almost-off’, and screams that would make any singer proud. Plus lovely guitar work from Frank Pané.
The album closes with an ‘Samara’. The title is programme, and who thinks of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ is not totally wrong. To be honest, I could have sworn that it is Steve playing the solo here, but apparently it is Frank who contributes the (for me) best solo on the album.
This album shows a band that has found its own identity. They play in the spirit of the great rock bands of the 70s, without clinging too much to any of them.
Good, solid Rock and Roll, with the occasional twist, but that is what makes things interesting. Not a single ‘weak’ track to be found, and fitting for basically every mood.
If you want to do some serious workout at a concert, or face a long drive on a highway, this is the music for you.


My review of Purpendicular – tHis is the tHing # 1
21 March 2015 at 09:54 By Hristo Yankov The Bulgarian Deep Purple Fan Pages
bg fan

One of the really valuable tribute bands of Deep Purple worldwide and near a year after announcing, they offers us this really significant production representing a concept album of 11 songs recorded during the period 2013-14 in typical heavy for Purpendicular sound.
The album with entirely original music is a well-encapsulated conceptual product, where, I dare say, is simply no weak spots. This album reveals a group, found its own identity.
Musicians really have given up its heart and soul, creating, in my opinion, one of the best albums issued in past recent years.
With diverse of styles and techniques the album just makes you listen to it again and again, each time discovering different shades and nuances.
The qualities of the musicianship are obvious, but I can not emphasize the incredible stuffing coming from drums of always unconventional Bernhard Welz, emotional guitar solos from the brilliant Frank Pane. And… vocal abilities, color and range of vocalist Robby Thomas Walsh will impress even the most discerning listeners of rock.
Keyword of the album is: EXPERIMENT! No formulas or clichés borrowed! The structures of the songs are a standard and most original in themselves.
The pleasant surprise is the lyrics on the album. Forget fast cars, girls and endless party with which we associate rock and roll style. The lyrics are deeply passionate, socially engaged and I would say suffered and lived to be dressed in sound and magic.
The album features special guest musicians involved in the person of Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Don Airey and Steve Morse (all of DEEP PURPLE), Neil Murray(ex-WHITESNAKE, Black Sabbath), Ferdy DOERNBERG (Uli Jon Roth), Christoph Koglar (Billy Sheehan Joe Lynn Turner) and voice DR WHO – TOM BAKER!
Yes, tHis is the tHing # 1 is not only a musical journey. It is also is a message and inspiration
Good Times Magazine – Germany good times
THIS IS THE THING#1 – Reviewed by Tino Krauter

In the year 2007 the Irish Singer Robby Thomas Walsh founded Purpendicular a Deep Purple Tribute band, within a short time it became one of the best of it‘s genre, also Ian Paice and Roger Glover (Roger only in 2012) were guests on the European Tour.
On the new album this is the thing they don‘t play Purple Songs.
Their original Songs sound like the Deep Purple sound of the last years.
Exactly, crisp hard Rock including duels between Guitar and Hammond.
Of course some of the Deep Purple Musicians took the chance to play on a few songs off the album, in addition to Steve Morse, Don Airey, Roger Glover and Ian Paice also Neil Murray formerly Whitesnake is guest player on the album.
Reverse tributes – Darker Than Blue Magazine – Simon Robinson darker than blue
PURPENDICULAR tHis is the tHing#1

Hot on the heels of Coverdale’s Purple Album, and Blackmore’s rumoured Purple Rainbows, comes news of a sort of reverse tribute offering, from the Deep Purple Tribute band Purpendicular.
They’ve gone in the other direction, and ditched their covers in favour of an album of all new material BUT with contributions from Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Steve Morse and Neil Murray!
It’s a concept album entitled This Is The Thing #1 and available through through their own website

Purpendicular’s concept release features Glover, Paice, Airey, Morse and related artists
By Scott Munroe – Classic Rock Magazine UK classic rock

Purpendicular – the Deep Purple tribute band that’s featured members of the band and related artists – will release a concept album entitled This Is The Thing #1 on March 6.

It features contributions from Purple men Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Steve Morse plus Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May) and others, plus the voice of Dr Who icon Tom Baker.

Vocalist Robby Thomas Walsh, who co-founded the band in 2007, says: “We wanted to give our fans something new and exciting. We do not want to be a Deep Purple copy as there is only one Deep Purple – we do things our way in our style.

“Of course there is influences from Purple, Floyd, Zeppelin, blues, soul, disco, hard rock and progressive rock – its all in there.

“The concept is about all our journeys through life – the ups and the downs and the horizontals, touching on money, power and emotions while the clock of life ticks away. We are all in this together so to speak!”

Pre-orders are available by registering on the Purpendicular website. They launch a European tour next month, with Paice behind the drumkit

————————————————————————————————————————— – PURPENDICULAR tHis is the tHing#1 schallzentrum
Am 06.03.2015 wird die erste Purpendicular CD erscheinen.

”In meinen Augen eine geile, herrlich klassische Scheibe mit 11 first-class Songs!
Purple meets Floyd meets Zepp meets 2015…
Thank you mates for the professional und contructive teamwork.
It really was a pleasure being part of this production.”
rOck On,
tHis is the tHing#1 – Purpendicular by Nick Sovieko The Highway Star Pages highwaystar

The renowned Purple tribute band Purpendicular is releasing an album of original material titled tHis is the tHing#1 on March 6. It is an 11-track concept album featuring guest appearances by Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Don Airey, Steve Morse, and Neil Murray, among others. The release party will be held in Paderborn, Germany, also on March 6. After that the band will embark on an extensive European tour with Ian Paice taking the seat behind the drums on 9 dates.

Fans Reviews & Remarks on Purpendiculars, tHis is the tHing#1

Marlène Rivet – ”I give you very good advice: buy the album’
8 March at 13:58

Nikolaos Festas – ”…I love this album, …pure Rock!!!”
8 March at 14:22

Michael Barg – ”Hammer-Scheibe!”
4 March at 18:25

Manu Bindl – ”Gutes Album”
4 March at 20:30

Kiehn Jensen – ”It’s highly recommended. It’s the nearest you can come Deep Purple.
It sounds like a lost Purple album from 1995. Great!”

20 April at 15:06

Anja Konersmann – ”Übrigens eure Scheibe #1 ist saugeil geworden und verlässt unseren
Cdspieler seid dem wir sie haben, nicht mehr Rock on!!!”

23 March at 18:49

Hartmut Beck – ”Einfach nur Klasse !!!!!!!!!!!!!”
26 March at 23:23

Pascal Lecampion – ”I was to this fantastic show and I can say the Purpendicular album is very good”
16 March at 07:40

Purpendicular news round up, Summer festivals, ian paice, writing sessions, all members activities!

Slovakian Mountains

Purpendicular members have been keeping themselves busy during the last Weeks off before they embark on some Summer Tour Dates in Festivals in Holland, Germany & Austria.
Noteably Headliners for one of the biggest Tribute Festivals in Europe in Ulft Holland May 16th, and Grolsch Summer Festival in Enschede on the 6th of August. Please check Tour Dates for Details.

In Germany –
Guitarist Frank Panê has been busy helping out German Band Bonfire, who were very successful in the 80s. Frank has laid down some stunning Guitar work on their new Album titled ‘Glorious’. Now he will embark on some Tour Dates with the Band.
Frank Panê Frank Panê

In Poland –
Meanwhile Vocalist and Frontman Robby Thomas Walsh has announced he will start Solo work on what is to be another Concept Album Soundtrack for a Novel which has not yet been revealed using some Top class Musicians and friends.
More infos on this will be released on the 29th of June this Year.
Robby Thomas Walsh Robby Thomas Walsh

In Slovakia –
Drummer Maco Rico has been busy Mixing his Solo Project Positive Darkness & is looking forward to the upcoming Dates with Purpendicular in Holland.Maco Rico New Drummer since February 2015

In Italy –
Keyboardist Corrado Solarino, who was absolutely in scintillating form during the Ian Paice Dates is doing a series of Radio Interviews and Promtions for the New Album tHis is the tHing#1…….
From Radio Atlanta Milan he was Quoted –



“We don’t rehearse, because we don’t need it, we Tour a lot, we are very Stage Fit…too good to rehearse” (laughs). Since I am in the Band we have Never Rehearsed in 3 Years, in fact we don’t even use a Set List, so you have to be on your Toes”

And when asked about the Track Dancing in a Cage and what it is about from the New Album he answered,



” The Story of that Song is in the Lyrics, It’s all true unfortunatly (Laughs),
In Poland I ended up in the wrong kind of Club that had Cages after the Show in Katowice, and then In Moscow Russia, where I infamously threw my Credit Card over the Bar ….. Robby our Vocalist, then had some trouble on the Overnight Train to Samara Russia, prompting the Police to Board at a Stop and forced him to go to bed! We all had way to much to Drink….I think he tried to bribe them with 25 cents in which he thought was a lot more (it was Russian Rubles)…”

Thanks to Paola Ratclif and Mauro from Atlanta Radio Milano
Corrado Solarino Corrado Solarino

In the UK –
Ian Paice Tour Dates with Deep Purple Commence on the 27th of May in Puebla Mexico, and will complete writing for the follow up to the hugely successfull Now What?! Album. The new Opus should be Released in 2016.
Ian will join up with Purpendicular again in March 2016 for a very Big Special Event in Germany, More news as we get it.
This will be followed by possibly more Tour Dates.Ian Paice Ian Paice

Back in Germany –
Bassist Malte Frederik Burkert has been keeping himself fit by making some low key Sessions with a Band from Hamburg called JEN.Malte Frederik Burkert Malte Frederik Burkert

That concludes the News updates on the Members of Purpendicular who would like to gracefully thank the Fans who have Purchased the New Album in which is selling very successfully.
Copies can be still ordered at purpend.icular@gmx.netAlbum 4

The Band will take some time off in the Slovakian Mountains in July for some writing Sessions and will announce some more Summer Tour Dates very soon before a busy Autumn and Winter Touring Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Holland.
Slovakian Mountains Slovakian Mountains

Live in Copenhagen featuring ian paice on the this is the thing #1 tour 2015

Danphil Intertainments did a Small Film in Copenhagen featuring Ian Paice of Deep Purple on Drums on the tHis is the tHing#1 Tour 2015.
This clip features In Rock and Machine Head Classics, Child in Time, Speed King, Space Trucking , Smoke on the water, and Highway Star.
The Ian Paice Purpendicular Tour was a huge success with 5 of the 6 Shows Sold out!
More Shows with Ian Paice the legendary Deep Purple Drummer will be announced later in the Year!

this is the thing – new album release march 6th 2015!!!!!!!

Album 4

Purpendicular Brand New Studio Album – tHis is the tHing#1 Is Officially on Sale and ready for Pre Orders!!!
Official Album Release Party is in Paderborn GERMANY on the 6th of March!!!
The Album is a Concept Album (11 Tracks) Recorded and written on the Road during 2013-14 & features a Typically heavy Purpendicular Sound.
Album will be Available for Purchase at all Purpendicular Shows, or can be Ordered Right Here or through the Web Site by simply Leaving your Details. A MUST for all Hard Rock Fans!!!
tHis is the tHing#1 THE CONCEPT ALBUM at just 12€!!!

ROBBY THOMAS WALSH (Vocals) on the New Album –
‘We wanted to give our Fans something new and exciting. We do not want to be a Deep Purple copy as there is only one Deep Purple,or anyone else for that matter as we do things our way in our style, of course there is influences from Purple, Floyd, Zeppelin, Blues, Soul, Disco, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock….Its all in there.
The Album can be listened to in Two ways….inside the Concept in a dark room by a Candle or simply just as individual songs.
The Concept is about all our Journeys through life, the Ups and the Downs and the Horizontals, touching on Money, Power, emotions etc etc while the clock of Life ticks away!. We are all in this together so to speak!
On this Album are some top top players and the Album was written on the Road in various Countries.
Whoever buys an Album, My Colleagues and I are touched Deeply. God Bless!’ tHis is the tHing#1 ‘

FRANK PANÊ (Guitars) on the New Album –
‘This is a must have for everybody into timeless, classic heavy Rock music.If you like to hear a band inspired by Purple, zeppelin and Floyd, but with their own identity…this is your album’

Pre Orders can be simply made by leaving your E Mail details at

Track listing
1.Somebody done it
2.Dancing in a Cage
3.Only to Laugh at
4.The Rain is Gone
5.If it’s Possible
6.Business is Business
7.Off my Trolley
8.Broken Bones
10.Keep me away
Album 4

© 2015 Purpendicular