The BATTLE RAGES ON Tour Update & New Album news


MoscowPurpendicular have made their way through Denmark, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland and Holland to Date, on the Bands First Leg of the 20th Anniversary Deep Purple Album The Battle Rages On. The set list has Varied from Show to Show, with Mistreated Dropped with exception to the Montreux Show where it was performed. Also dropped was the Title ‘Talk About Love‘…. as Sets were lasting nearly 3 Hours on certain Nights. Jam Improvised Sections include, Deep Purple tracks, “You Cant Do It Right”, Love “Don’t Mean a Thing”, Joe Cockers, “Unchain My Heart”, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, Pink Floyds “Brick In The Wall” & ” Goodbye Cruel World”.

MoscowThe highlights of the Tour Dates Obviously were the Arena International Music Hall In Moscow Russia last January, where the Band completed 3 Russian Dates including Samara and Kazan. Incidentally, whilst departing Moscow on the Return to Munich Airport, the Band escaped a Blown Tyre on the Aeroflot Flight just before Take Off in a Snow Storm. Lucky Boys!

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Live @ International Hall Moscow Russia 2013


2012 Machine Head Tour 40th Anniversary Successfully Completed!!!

Purpendicular with Ian Paice and Roger Glover

Purpendicular have completed their most successfull year to Date with the Machine Head 40th Anniversary Tour in Countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Holland and Belgium, taking in Cities such as Copenhagen, Montreux, Berlin, Munich, Verviers, and Strasbourg!

Purpendiculars Management Band & Crew would like to thank all the Promoters and Agents, Families and Friends, and most Importantly all the Fans that came out to see the Band and gave them such great Support!

Purpendicular would also like to thank all the wonderful Guest Musicians on this Tour! Especially Ian Paice & Roger Glover of Deep Purple !

A DVD of this Tour will be available next year featuring live Material, Backstage Footage & Interviews about how the Year 2012 unfolded.

Also the Live In Europe CD will be available for purchase during next years Tour! Don’t forget to get your Copy!

We Hope to see you very soon again for an even Bigger Tour Next year!

For now though, ‘The Battle Rages On’……

Purpendicular Tourdates change in Belarus and Germany!!! & a new show in Samara Russia!

Two Tourdates have been effectively moved that were announced.

The first is Cologne in Germany that was due on the 23rd of November to be schedualed, had to be moved because of an Act of God.

The new Date for this Show will be 3rd of May 2013 featuring the Battle Rages on Tour 20th Anniversary.

All Tickets sold for the Original planned Show in November will be also Valid for the May show.

Minks in Belarus has been schedualed for towards the end of the year 2013 with other Baltic Tourdates in the Planning Stages.

Meanwhile a final Russian Tourdate has been added in Russia in the wonderful City of Samara on the 30th of January 2013!

Rasmus Heide Speaks Highly about Purpendicular In Copenhagen DENMARK!

Rasmus Heide, Chief Editor of the famous Highway Star Pages DEEP PURPLE &  had some very fine words to say about Purpendicular on their Scandinavian Nights Tour 2012.

This Interview can be Viewed on the Very latest PDTV Episode 6 Scandinavian Nights 2012.

Purpendicular are one of the Best Deep Purple Tributes Shows I have ever seen, It’s a good idea to go see them if they are Touring near you, They play all the right Songs, and have a lot of fun in doing so

Rasmus Heide


Introducing Guest members Panê, Puncec &

The Purpendicular Management are thrilled to Announce Special guests for the Machine head Tour.

On Guitars, Purpendicular have recruited Frank Panê (GER) who has already Toured with Purpendicular in Denmark this year and has made appearance with Steve Vai on Guitars.

For more Infos on Frank, please go to

On Bass deputising for the temporary absence of Simon Radner, who wants to concentrate on Business and Solo activities, But will be back to the line up in the future, is the wonderful Talents of Mario Puncec (AUT)! Mario comes with a vast amount of experience for this Music and also brings a ‘Glenn Hughes’ like feel to the Band. Mario is also a great Showman who will entertain any Stage.

The Band will now Tour extensively till the end of the year on the continued Machine Head 40th Anniversary, before embarking on a Huge European/Russian Tour in 2013 in support of the Battle Rages On 20th Anniversary Album.

Purpendicular would like to thank everyone who guested on this Machine Head Tour and made it so much fun for the Audience and Band!


Purpendicular Interviewed on Radio in Holland

Robby Thomas Walsh (Vocals) were Interviewed on their recent Dutch Tour on Radio Station ‘ON THE ROCKS’, in Venlo.

The Interview featured Questions on Deep Purples different line ups, Jon Lords Classical Pieces, Ritchie Blackmores Projects, Purpendiculars Touring schedual, Purpendiculars Guests, and the Plans for the future including why the Name Purpendicular. Mor infos and the Complete Interview will feature as soon as the Radio Station release the Content.

Official Live Album PURPENDICULAR LIVE IN EUROPE 2012 for Release!!!

Album Artwork Back

The Official Live CD is Due for  release and Launch in Maulbronn, Germany, Live Music Park on September the 7th. The Band will be doing a full Signing Session at the Meet & Greet by The Merchandise Stand after the Show.

The Live Recording is from the Sound Board, and it is an Official Bootleg release by the Band.

More Details as well as Track listing will follow in the next Days!


Purpendicular Featured in the NEUE DIESTER ZEITUNG HANNOVER


Purpendicular were Featured in the Local NewsPaper Neue Diester Zeitung where Robby Thomas Walsh was briefly Interviewed….The Band had been held up on the A2 of Germanys Autobahn for 3 Hours in Soaring Tempratures of 36 Degrees!!!

Re: Fwd: Gig JWD Berlin 17.08.12

ahh it seems fine…but still i gave her my opinion as this is =
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All should be Fine 10 euro…
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From: martina schnittger <JWD-Musik@we=>
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Hallo Robby,

ch habe von Simon den Vertrag für unseren Gig am 17.08.12 per email be=

An dem Vertrag ist nicht das Geringste auszusetze=
n, doch bevor ich ihn annehme, möchte

ich gerne mit =
Dir noch ein paar organisatorische Eckdaten absprechen.

ch nenne jetzt einfach meine Eckdaten und Du sagst mir bitte, ob Du damit e=
inverstanden bist,

oder ob Ihr andere Wünsche / Abl&=
auml;ufe möchtet.

Die Band kommt zu uns 18 Uhr.
Von 18 Uhr bis 21 Uhr ist Zeit für Aufbau und Soundcheck=
. Ab 21 Uhr ist Publikumseinlass.

Das Konzert beginnt 22 =
Uhr und endet 24 Uhr.

Der Eintritt beträgt 10,- &eur=
o;. ( 80 % gehen davon an Euch ).

Unser Haustechniker ist=
vor Ort ( zuständig für Sound und Licht ).

Abrechnung erfolgt direkt nach dem Gig durch mich persönlich.
Wichtig wäre für mich noch, mit wieviel Personen Ihr a=

Trotz aller unüblichen Um=
stände sowohl für Euch als auch für mich, freuen wir uns seh=
r auf Euch

und ich hoffe, dass wir Euch Euren Aufenthalt =
bei uns so angenehm wie möglich gestalten

Ich versuche, Dich morgen telefonisch zu erreichen.
Liebe Grüße
JWD Berlin

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