how well do you know Deep Purple? – 10 questions

Deep Purple Quiz #1

Ten questions about Deep Purple. Have a try and see how much you know about Deep Purple.

During the reunion of 1984, where was the rehearsals for the highly rated Perfect Strangers album held?

The writing sessions for the Battle Rages on Album began with Joe Lynn Turner before Ian Gillan returned to complete the album. The song Stroke of Midnight (later recorded for Joe Lynn Turners solo album) ended up Being what song on the Battle Rages on Album?

When Ian Gillan was fired in the late 80s, he infamously said to reporters that he would rather slit his ..... than to sing with that band again.

In 1973 when Gillan and Glover departed, it was well documentet that Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore wanted a more bluesy direction. But who was his main choice as vocalist at this time?

Accoring to Jon Lord in 1976, Bassist and Vocalist Glenn Hughes was increasingly sounding like which soul singer?

What was the name of the castle that Deep Purple mark 3 often used to write and rehearse both Burn and Stormbringer albums?

On what album does the song Evil Louie appear?

The classic song child in time was inspired by which piece of music?

July the 10th 1969 saw Gillan and Glover make their Deep Purple debuts live at which venue?

Guitarist Tommy Bolin tragically died in 1976, but in which hotel did he die?


  • marevski May 19, 2010

    me to 9 of 10 not bad

  • kazzshow April 19, 2010

    9 out of 10 ain’t bad for an old man whose brains are suffering from too much booze. All the best!

  • purpendicular April 19, 2010

    Hi Adri!
    We will post some special content like live videos and audios, quizes or other gimmicks from time to time for our registered members. Another quiz is not yet in progress, but there will be definitely another one soon. We update our members by mail when something new is online! cheers!

  • adri April 19, 2010

    nice quizz!!
    when can we expect another one?
    all the best,

  • purpelaar April 16, 2010

    I surprised myself a bit. I did score 10 out of 10!

  • purpendicular March 6, 2010

    hi there


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