Cry Free and Purpendicular before the gig at Cry Mama

Purpendiculars trip to Hungary was a very successful one with the collaboration of Cry Free (Hungarian Deep Purple cover band) playing mostly the very early purple material to Purpendicular specialising in the more modern Purple sound of late. Both bands playing on the same stage 40 years of Deep Purple history making it more than a three hour show and a dream come true for Deep Purple fans.

The bands played very early numbers right through all the albums. The highlight being both vocalists collaberating on the Coverdale/Hughes era, and duetting on Smoke on the water (california jam version).

First show was in Kapuvar, a small town in the centre of Hungary in a small club called the Shop Stop and the second a great live location called the Crazy Mama in the capital city of Budapest.

Cry Free and Purpendicular before the gig at Cry Mama
Both shows were met by very enthusiastic audiences.
Robby Thomas Walsh, ‘ Nobody could speak a word of english but they knew all the words of the songs, bloody great experience,’.

The DPH was so successful it will tour again in 2010 in september/october period featuring the both bands .
The countries featured will be Germany, Austria and Hungary for the second time. It is a show not to be missed!
During the coming days Pics from the show in Budapest will be online, with small video clips.

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