What a first year!!! Purpendicular voted Number 1 Deep Purple Tribute band.

We are delighted to announce from Chris Grüber of Artefix music that after only one year on the road, Promoters from all clubs and venues that Purpendicular have played, plus tabloids In Germany and Austria, and of course Ian Paice of the original Deep Purple have all agreed that Purpendicular are by far the most musically accomplished act to Deep Purple itself.
Chris Grüber stated ‘ this band is by far the best I have worked with since I started booking Ian Paice of Deep Purple. Really great to watch. This tour worked perfectly musically and personally and we had great fun. Ian Paice also agreed after a meeting in Graz, and told Chris that he will be touring again with Purpendicular once he knows his Deep Purple dates.
Robby Thomas Walsh vocalist of Purpendicular said, ‘ Its nice to be told we are number one by important people but it doesn’t really matter to us. we just do our show and thats it. We don’t dress up like clowns, we just make music and I think the fans can see that. We just have fun musically’.’Normally we would like to work more but the other guys have other projects, but in our case its about the quality of the music i think the people judge us, not on how many shows we do a year’.’ This year we will be working more though’.
Other comments made throughout the year by tabloids and Club Promoters can be found on the Blog ‘what the promoters say about Purpendicular’.

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