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On The Drums…Rainer Lidauer Returns.Almost Human in Wels Austria

With Ian Paice returning to Deep Purple for a world tour, Original Purpendicular drummer Rainer Lidauer returned to the fold to the delight of his colleagues in Wels Austria. The venue was the excellent Sound Theatre right in the heart of the city, and featured a remarkable audience. Fans travelled from France and Italy to attend this opening show of 2009.

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Pur.pendicular) & The Queen Kings live @ the Hirsch Nürnberg

We are delighted to announce that on the 24th of september 2009 Pur.pendicular) will play at the Hirsch Nürnberg with one of the worlds best Tributes to Queen and Freddie Mercury..’The Queen Kings’.
The event is a benifit for Kids and it is a huge annual event.
Pur.pendicular) currently voted by Ian Paice (original Deep Purple drummer) as the nearest thing to Deep Purple and as an outstanding band, is enough evidence to make this a very special evening for Deep Purple and Queen fans alike.
Pur.pendicular) will be on stage at 20.00.

UPDATED Live DVD from Sound Theatre Wels Austria!!!

The planned DVD is now planned for later in the year, and it will be more of a documentary with live clips and interviews featuring live clips from mainly this show filmed in Wels at the fantastic Sound Theatre venue. Watch this space for more infos.
This April Purpendicular kick off the year with their first show in Austria Wels. Last year in 2008 the band recorded a live DVD at the same location.
Here is a clip from three songs Lazy, Hush and When a blind man cries from that show and whats to come on the new DVD that will include extras such as Interviews, Equipment check, On the road with deep purple drummer Ian Paice and working in a tribute band.
the link can be found here ;
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Hers a collection of various advertisments and reviews from different Newspapers, Magazines and Deep Purple web sites for you to enjoy from the last successfull Ian Paice & Purpendicular tour December 2008.

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What a first year!!! Purpendicular voted Number 1 Deep Purple Tribute band.

We are delighted to announce from Chris Grüber of Artefix music that after only one year on the road, Promoters from all clubs and venues that Purpendicular have played, plus tabloids In Germany and Austria, and of course Ian Paice of the original Deep Purple have all agreed that Purpendicular are by far the most musically accomplished act to Deep Purple itself.
Chris Grüber stated ‘ this band is by far the best I have worked with since I started booking Ian Paice of Deep Purple. Really great to watch. This tour worked perfectly musically and personally and we had great fun. Ian Paice also agreed after a meeting in Graz, and told Chris that he will be touring again with Purpendicular once he knows his Deep Purple dates.

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Nürnberg 17th of december 2008 on wet dull morning I fuelled, watered and oiled my BMW for the trip to pick up the worlds best drummers in Ian Paice of Deep Purple at Frankfurt airport.
I got there rather early to avoid confusion…three hours in fact! I had a short sleep in the car until I realised it was time to meet Ian at terminal 2.
The flight was 5 minutes ahead of schedual and in walked Ian with his two roller cases.
As we drove to the first venue in Aschaffenberg we talked about politics, women and music. Ian asked me what musicians where on this tour, and I told him It will be the best line up to date, he smiled and said…I trust ya.
We got there on time to meet up with Chris Grüber from Artefix music our tour manager for the last three tours, and of course the ‘crazy gang’ as i refere to my band Purpendicular of which I couldn’t wait for Ian to hear.
I introduced the band 1 by 1. Stoffi on hammonds in which Ian was pleased to see from previous tours. then I introduced Simon Radner on bass and then the master of guitars, young Joe Doblhofer.Joe is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met and he leaves me sometimes with my mouth open when he plays them strings. he never plays the guitar heroe, he just lets his playing do the talking.
The Roadie on this tour was Jürgen, a great guy who was always on hand if anything went wrong.
Ians snare drums were not in the cases, so we had to Phone pearl and they got them right to the venue in time for the show. Now thats service!

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